Thursday, 2 February 2017

Oscars nominated for 6 black actors

In 2017 the Oscars award is being awarded to six black actors and they have nominated for award, a latest news on air when Oscars academy announced about six black actors nominees for award, filmmaker, actresses, black actors, black screen writers and black editor also were also honored for award. According to some people said its awesome achievements but some criticize to Oscars academy its diversity. Some people tweet about Oscars award positive remarks but some said its diversity 40 acting nomination from last years were white and in this year are black actors good achievement for academy but do more something.
The thing is, the academy awards and in fact, any award, are for achievement. this year reflects incredible talent. However, people can't just be angry at the academy for not 'recognizing' actors of different race as this is simply not their job. their job is to choose actors who have given outstanding performances or contributions. People need to stop making this into a matter of race, it is not. the academy awards is a matter of talent and success.
Totally deserved, but it's obvious that it's a reaction to the mess they did last year. And yes, it's true! Hollywood should do more to cast Asians, Latinos, people of all races and walks of life. That's why people prefer TV to movies. TV is much more diverse and not just in terms of cast, but writers and stories too. Cinema has become so bland.
They are just making up for last year when black actors said enough is enough. So they are trying to make up for it. I'm not convinced that is even more racist of them. There either all gonna win on maybe one or two. Either way I'm not convinced.
 All the actors can be nominated because of their job, their performance, No matter if he is yellow, red, black. blue. All men nominated are great, great, actors. 


Sunday, 29 January 2017

An 11 year old motor disablity boy play music by using eyes

Mostly disable persons cannot do their activities properly they have to need help someone for complete their tasks. They do not independent they depend upon parents, friends and other people for help in their life. They have to face many difficulties in their social life, if anyone physically disable from any parts of the body they need help who can look after to him and always remain with him its very difficult to manage a disable person some people become disable due to tragically incident but some naturally born disable, both have to face unbreakable problems regarding learning, listening, reading, walking, running, seeing, eating and so on. But they should not hopeless about their disability science has made revolution in the technology and life has become easy.
So viewers can see in the video and observe about how an 11 years old boy play music with his eyes, even he is disable boy, An eye harp device installed in his wheel chair which start music by senses his eyes, its amazing idea for disable boy, according to Zacharias Vamvakousis developer its digital instrument and remolt eye tracker, it operate without any touch,and built for motor those people who are suffer in motor disability, it can use anytime and anywhere its very simple and has free meaning anyone can use it, a software has been installed in instrument,which switch on by electric a sound wave come out after some practice.

According to his mother his son like music and he can play music by his eyes, its amazing idea for a motor disability kids, now he feels happy, when he writes music by his own eyes beautiful song is played in background,after some practice he has ability to learn by eye son cannot learn by other method and now he can express his idea and expressions,eye harp software and machine is available in the market and its software is being updated for further features, its useful instrument for future.

A new study surprise you about dogs sense better than cats

There are very few animals which have sensitivity about things, one of them is dogs and cats and they have ability to recognize any person’s face expression, and people love dogs more than cats because cats are not intelligent and dogs have more fun and intelligent, why people like dogs because they are smart and follow orders and have trained. Dogs have better memory than cats. Some people believe that cats are not smarter than dogs, cats have not senses memory, and they prefer dogs. even its not true, a study has been made about intelligent ability about dogs and cats, which has approved that cats can better than dogs, cats can save in its memory about everything it can recognize any face expression and has ability of training.
In this video viewers can know about the abilities of cats and dogs, an analyst did research about cats that they are smart as dogs or not, a new study suggest that 49 cats can sense a and remember about food bowl they gave food for eating after few minutes same food had been given them they had knew about food. According to Japanese scientists cats are intelligent as dogs; they can know what and where bowl of food and are capable as dogs, and can easily recognition human facial expressions.

There many research work has been made about dogs and cats memory and their capability of intelligent, but both are intelligent in many ways, dogs can trained quickly and cats can also solve many problems and have training ability, people love both of them and have in their home love them as a mom loves with daughter and son, people trained them by some tricks they follow these tricks and act like what their trainer want. So scientists have said that dogs are more dominant from cats but cats are also smart. if any animal has better memory it is consider smart.


Saturday, 28 January 2017

China has changed its one child policy

The lifting of the policy is a good thing as far as human rights go. But I think the government will need to take more action on fixing the environmental and political climate before people will want to have more kids in China. Many parents who can afford it already send their kids out of the one child policy in china is being ended after more than 35 years,all the families can be able to born two children,why china is lifting its one child policy? Because people are becoming aged and workforce is also shrinking so due to imbalance china will face hard time for economy in future therefore one child policy is changing.
what is China going to do with all the young men they have from years before when the people had a second child and it was a girl they did away with them and now all these men need a wife but all they have is boys
Aside from the overpopulation issues, lack of resources and If you can personally afford to raise 2 or 3 or even 5 children, and educate them properly then go ahead. The problem comes from families who cannot even afford to raise one child, let alone 2 or 3. If they want to create a policy it should be based on financial stability, the amount of available resources and ability to care for a child, those should be the factors to determine if a child should be brought into this world, not solely based on the fact of that a family has one already.
Suggesting that anymore humans need to be born is irresponsible. The planet is being destroyed by over population and the stress it puts on the planet from green house gases which people produce through their consumption. China should figure out another way to support their aging population and start by abandoning their ponzu scheme for supporting retirement

China give permission on childbirth more than one

China, like the countries in the west, need young people to work, to support an older population. Unless you eliminate social programs for the elderly, you have two choices. so basically it's not so people can have families, its so they'll have more viable workers.
 Smog, trash, CO2, pollution, congestion and gridlock everywhere, billions hungry, starving, homeless, or jobless, lack of clean water, species extinction.
China's one family-one child policy and realize fully that this is no longer 1800 A.D. when the world's population was one billion. Are we so naive to believe that there are no limits or do we just put the blinders on and keep going? A better question to ask is why is endless propagation a desirable goal? I think it's an important question to ask, especially now.
China, like the countries in the west, need young people to work, to support an older population. Unless you eliminate social programs for the elderly, you have two choices. so basically it's not so people can have families, its so they'll have more viable workers.
This is a shortsighted approach to the problem. There are already way too many people on earth folks! If the Chinese need a labor force there are millions of men and women around the world looking for work and a safe place to live- share the wealth people...
overpopulation would be to implement a policy like this for at least 20-30 years in first-world countries, if not a one-child policy then definitely a two-child one Or even better: try and make people pick adoption instead.So many kids without parents yet people just keep breeding on, woo
 People here has problem with china lifting the law. Now all those years while china just gave birth to one child, you were happily producing as many babies as you could. Stop hating others.

Friday, 27 January 2017

President trump troll by national park’s twitter page

It's sad that in 2017, tweeting facts about science is an act of rebellion. We are heading into some fascist territory.If every national park starting tweeting on any subject, it could erupt into a real mess. Who knows haw many different ideas there could be. Each park has a responsibility- to maintain and promote their park.however in twitter page of badlands national park started tweet about climate change in the world.
their tweet was about carbon dioxide in the air has become higher than last 650,000 years and gasoline has burnt nearly 20 pounds of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,national park and animals are in hazardous situation.its bad effect for all of us,but president trump imposed on EPA and USDA are responsible to bad environment.tweet has been deleted after few hours but it has viral among people and they started comments about national park and Donald trump some were against tweet and some were giving comments in favor of trump.
There is NO being out of control when it comes to the safety, health of our environment. Out of control is going after everything possible to kill it, just for a profit of a few,
Instead of pipe line why don't worry and spend money and effort to improved jobs like teaching, teachers have a low salary but an important mission to educated they young generations.
Create jobs in education healthcare , more schools more hospitals fix the healthcare system stop pharmaceutical companies of taking advantage of the sick with high prices for medicines.
Pipe lines are just for the rich petroleum companies and their investors get wealthier. There is other sources of energy like solar and wind. Some countries in Europe have demonstrated they are reliable clean and there is jobs in that area.
According to badlands NTL parks statement park tweeter account has been used by former employee.

A boy has been smuggle by journalist

This is exactly what a decent person with a kind heart would do. This is how God wanted us to live in this world helping each other. This is the purpose of life. God never created differences between people on the basis of color, religion. So viewers can see in video about trial of journalist who involve in smuggling, trial from court is going on him for smuggle a boy who asked him for some help. He is facing trail because he helped a Syrian boy from migrate Greece to Sweden. His name is Fredrik Onnevall who was making documentary about refugee crisis, during filming documentary he met with 15 years old boy named Abed said me and my team for help and I felt should do something for him. Then we helped boy crossed Sweden.
According to journalist its not crime and rights of a human which should do for all humans.
This types of acts have been done over and over again for example those who smuggle or hide the people from sending off to death camp.
 I can't judge it right or wrong and on this humanitarian case in particular. But law is law. I hope he didn't act in violation of his country's laws.
 So now helping other people is a crime? Or just because he help a Muslim boy. This journalist are real human who has a heart. Why do you need to prosecute him for being kind.
 People like him makes me smile and bring hope in humanity. People disrespect law when law doesn't respect or value humanity. l saw his documentary film, he show the world that we people don't need a reason for helping a person like us.
So his will complete after some days but he did crime or not court will judge about him that he violate country law or not.