Thursday, 19 January 2017

Shiv Sena Member Attack On A Lady Police Officer

A Shiv Sena member attacked on a lady constable. He became offend when the lady constable stopped him for using mobile phone while driving. It is the most shocking picture of the day. In the video the man is continuously attacking a lady police constable. He is beating her in public on the road. She is trying to defend and doing counter attacks but still this man is showing his manhood on a lady. The lady officer asked him to show his license but he did not show and attack the lady.
The constable was shocked to show him that what he was doing. He was punching and slapping her forcefully. There were many other people around there but most of them were just watching. Finally, three men come to stop him but he still did not stop. The person who attacked the lady was a Shiv Sena member and his name is Shashikan Kalgore.
It was a Thursday morning when a person was talking on his phone while driving his SUV. A female police officer was there on Eastern Express Way, on her duty to control traffic. When she was him she tried to stop him but he did not stop his vehicle and continued to move forward. The lady constable used to stand on his way to go to stop him and finally he had to stop his car. When he stopped his car constable asked him for his driving license which made him more offend. He started abusing lady officer and then he physically attacked on the lady.
A lawyer named Paratic Pawar who was passing from there, jumped into the row and the person also beat that lawyer. After some other people gathered and stopped that man. The lawyer succeeded to make him arrest in police custody with the help of other people who came for help. Police arrested the person from shiv sena and he was charged for attacking a government servant, making hurdle in governmental task and abusing a lady.

America’s 45th First Lady Melania Trump – A Social Activist

Melania Trump is America’s new first lady. She is the 45th first lady of the country. Here is something interesting about her to know. She is Slovenian-born and she can speak 5 languages including Slovenian, Serbian, English, German and French. She says she can hold her own as she says, she is very strong. She will fight for herself. She will fight for her name. She doesn’t listen to anybody about what to do and what to say. She also says she can handle everything.
She started modeling at the age of 16 and has been on the cover of the international fashion magazines. She is not moving to the White House yet. She is planning to stay in Trump Tower till her son, Barron starts summer vacations. According to an estimate NYC has to pay $1 million per day on protection of Trump Family. As first lady, she hopes to fight cyber bulling, as she stated on media, on November 2016 during Trump’s election campaign, it never OK when a 12 year old girl or boy is mocked, bullied or attacked. She also said it is absolutely unacceptable when it is done by someone with no name, hiding on the internet.
There is an interesting question that, it will apply to her husband? As some people wrote on the internet, on their social media accounts. Those states are including, thanks to twitter, Donald Trump soon be the cyberbully-in-chief. Donald Trump’s 10 most offensive tweets. Trump the Cyber-bully – by attacking a union leader, Trump has married his post-fact campaign with the politics of revenge.
Melania also said she will be an advocate for women and for children. She also spoke about cyber-bulling as she said we have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

America’s Best and Worst Case Scenarios Under Trump Presidency

Donald Trump is most controversial US president and his presidency is wildly criticized but a lot of people spoke in his favor. There is different and mixed reaction is seen by different people about Trump and about his rule. Here we have recorded different people reaction and their best and worst case scenario under Trump’s Presidency.
William – Atlanta says, for me best case scenario is somehow my college gets paid for. Sharidan – Phoenix says, best case scenario for me is that I don’t get destroyed for my stances, politically, because I did not align with Trump and I did not vote for him and so hopefully the people who do find that out don’t stop being my friends or something like that.
Rabab – Dear born says, it is gonna give me better opportunities when I graduate high school, better for me to pay my tuition, paying my grandparents and also getting scholarships. And that’s also gonna fit into the part of economy, which it gonna help boost, hopefully, and its gonna give me a better chance to get the job I want. Lanero – Los Angles says, things don’t change much. That he’s a lame duck president and can’t get anything done.
Ali – Dear born says, that we become isolated as Muslim Americans. We become distant from the rest of this nation. Petrit – Phoenix says, making an already vulnerable population extremely vulnerable. Sarah – Los Angles says, worst case scenario is if Donald Trump builds wall. Traci – Des Mines says, that it stays the way it is, because it’s pretty bad right now. It is pretty bad for the last past eight years. Melvin – Phoenix says, I don’t personally know if there’s any upside for me under a Trump administration. I am a small business owner and based on the way I do things, his philosophy is not going to work for me.

Air hostess slapped on passenger face in plane

Mostly passengers travel on air plane with calm and no any incident appeared in the plane during travel but sad incidence occur in plan, a passenger and air hostess have started fight, both are giving abusing and shouting each other, air hostess slapped on his face and passenger caught her shoulder and pushed back then she fell downed on seat, during fighting some passengers involved and pushed back them.
In this video viewers can see sad incident took place in the plane during flying, a passenger stand up from his seat and started shouting on another passenger, for a while both are talking verbally, then they started fight and punched to one to other, so air hostess saw unbelievable seen and shouting on them with wrath, she came near passenger and slapped on his face, that moment all the passengers stood up from their seat and again control both of them, it fight was between two passenger but passenger who looking black dress and has white hair with glasses had been out of control, so pilot announced on his mic that kindly took seat all the passenger don’t create trouble for others, after pilot  announcement  on his microphone, passenger had sat in their seat.
After the incident plane landed at airport, air port staff and management took action against the passenger who made trouble in the plane during flying.air port security staff took them in custody and started investigation. According to a passenger who was also traveling in the plan, we are feeling not safe when they are doing fight, they must be punished and took them action, because its very bad and should not to do next time.
This video has viral in the social media, so such incident is first time in the history that during flight air hostess slapped on passenger face, according to pilot we have video recording about incidence and if air hostess will involve we will took action against her.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Awesome Performance of Boy In Indain Idol Show

No one can believe that a boy who name was Jelly gave outstanding performances by singing girl and boy voices in the best singing show Indian Idol. He got Indian idol ticket on the spot after giving his test performance his full name was jeli kayi and belonged to Uttar Pardesh Ichha Nagar and he was 26 years old.
Jeli kayi said that he like different people who can make his life something different  from  other people, and he want to make Tattoo on his hands and other parts of his body, make up on face too and also love to make hair style. Some people do not like my look but some like me and my different looking style, they make me fool and up their voices on me they say you are  boy don’t change your look as a girl, but I don’t care about them, I want to become a famous among people with different styles and fashion because people can say that he is Jeli Kayi.
He participated in the Indian idol singing show for getting its ticket competition. Indian idol is big show of India where younger boys and girls all over the world show their expertise about singing by performing singing songs. This show telecast on different channels of India like Sony. It is Indian Idol show and started its season for one year. Its first season was started in 2004 to 2005 and launched by Tarun Katiyal and Anupama Mandloi. There are many seasons have been done now now current season 2016 to 2017 is running, team is working on its background due their efforts its best show of India. By this platform a new Indian talented people are coming in the field of singing songs.
Jeli kiya went to Indian Idol show and faced three judges in front of him, there name was Anu Malik, Farha Khan and Sonu Nigam. He introduced himself and started performance, first he sang a song on guy voice then sang on girl voice, due to his dual performance judges gave him ticket and appreciated him.

Justice Retired Saeed-Uz-Zaman Siddiqui Dies

A former chief justice of Pakistan governor retired Saeed-Uz-Zaman Saddiqui has been died at the age of 78 in the hospital at Karachi. He was a 31st governor of Pakistan province Sindh.
He rushed to the hospital few days ago due to sudden ailment after his taking oath of governor of province. He sworn in November 11, 2016. The prime minister of Pakistan nominated as Sindh governer him after getting resignation from former governor doctor Ishrat-Ul-Ibad. Dr Ibad belonging from Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and he served as governor ship for last 15 years.
His funeral prayer will be held at polo ground in the metropolis. During two month justice Zaman refused to approve criminal law, protection of minorities bill because language needed to be revised.
However the prime minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and president of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain condemned on his death and other political parties leader also expressed sorrow about former justice death.
He served as 15th chief justice of Pakistan from 1999 to 2000. He had also served his duty as Sindh high court in 1990 to 1992. So he was member of election commission of Pakistan, chairman of Zakat council.
He born in India Lakhnow and got his degree from university of Dhaka and university of Karachi. He was the chief justice of Pakistan during military coup general Pervaiz Musharaf  he refuse to take oath under PCO and defended constitution of 1973. The prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif tribute him courageous efforts of refused to take oath as PCO law, he said Saddiqui would be remember. He was honest judge and sacrificed against undemocratic laws.
He will be laid rest in the Gizri graveyard in Clifton with protocol. According to chief minister of Pakistan  Sindh Sayed Murad Ali Shah, whole province observed a day of mourning on Thursday and national flag was hoisted half must at all government building.

Open Door Policy Closed For Migrants

America’s Open Door Policy for Cuban migrants just closed. The American Embassy in Havana, Cuba, says Migrants who are already en route to the US. The sudden change was a big blow. Obama order that, from immediate effect, Cuban nationals who attempt to enter America illegally and do not qualify for humanitarian relief will be subjected to be deported. The 5 decade old police gave Cubans permanent residence in the US regardless of their status. The open door policy had been criticized for encouraging Cubans to make a dangerous voyage to the US. Obama said the remove will add consistency to the US immigration policy. 
Cuban Migrants are much worried about it and have a similar opinion about it. Maylin Gomez – a Cuban Migrant, she says, we asked him please don’t go ahead with it. Help us. Because we can’t go back to our country, because we sold our house, we sold everything and now we are left here. We don’t know what to do. Laura Vianello – Cuban Exile, say about the issue that, it has brought on too many deaths, specially young people in the state of Florida. Novilda Ocampo, a young Cuban Migrant says, Cubans don’t migrate just for fun or for pleasure. Cubans emigrate out of necessity. Cindia Gomes says, no one leave their country of birth for pleasure the lady. We all did it because it was not longer safe due to civil war among other things just like Cubans. 
American people have some other point of view on this. David Cruze says, what's so special about Cuba? It was not fair to give privileges to some and kick the other ones out when everyone have the same reasons to leave their country and look for a better life. People from all the other Latin American countries [maybe undocumented] contribute more than Cubans with free privileges. Kelly Ann says, why they leave everything behind to come to a better future and now they can't? Off course! So does the rest of Latin America; Mexicans, Salvadorians, Hondurans, Guatemalans, Venezuelans and others. Wouldn’t it be nice if all immigrants had an open door policy? Now they know what it's like to no longer have that privilege.
Azmat Husain says, Only Cubans getting very special welcome as soon touch base at US medical, accommodation, pocket money, and job etc. So why not Haitians, Mexicans and people from DR they're human too. Need to be balance. Some Cubans now feel out of options. Cuban emigrates looking for a better future. Over 50,000 Cubans came to US in 2016.